What is a Senior Rep Program and why should I do it?

Becoming a SEEDS Studio Senior rep is FUN!!! You will LOVE being one! Not Only will you receive a discounted Senior Session but you will be the face of SEEDS Studio. We start off with a fun Mini Session, the images from that session will be used for promotional marketing material that you can show off to family and friends. As a Senior Rep for SEEDS Studio with each BOOKED paying referral, you will receive CASH!!! The more paying friends you refer the more money you make. As a SEEDS Studio Rep, you will be a part of an elite VIP Crew! This will gain you access to modeling opportunities that regular clients do not share. Your Senior Session will be catered to you...creating a fun and amazing experience. 
To apply for the SEEDS Studio Rep Program visit ScottieMagro.com and fill out the form :)