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texture légère rêveuse @ the Conserva November 16th, 2017


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November 21, 2017
I am in love with blur, with colors and light that dance and sing, where there are no defined lines to interpret what they are dancing to. Light and color blend together creating an enchanting, ethereal effect, my images need that to come alive....so being approached by The Conserva (201 E Mile Ferndale, Mi. @theconserva ) to have an actual Art Opening with my images was my golden opportunity to have some of that magic in print for all to see. I didn't hesitate to say yes! I decided I wanted new images for the opening, the whole summer I worked on texture légère rêveuse (dreamy, light, texture)

My tools are extremely important to me! The combination of what I use creates the dreamy world my mind lives in, it is a happy collaboration of one lens and presets. I already knew that I wanted to create collections with common elements connecting the pieces together. I also wanted to create a series of each collection. I love visual storytelling and wanted each series to have its own elements but also come together as one. What better way to merge that connection using my Lensbaby Composer Pro  (with double glass optic) I call it my "Mad-Eye Moody Lens" It's really the "Wild Child " of my lenses and does not play by the rules...thus making it my go-to lens for almost everything I do. The thing I love most about my Composer Pro, it's double glass optic is inside of it already. I just find the sweet spot ( usually the face) and click. It creates this stretched distorted bokeh that I just adore, I need light and color to dance with no boundaries, this lens creates that perfectly! Once the images go to edit my love for all things vintage and my mad obsession with texture play a huge part in the editing processes, that's where Exposure X2 from Alienskin comes in to play. @alienskinsoftware. I love Analog film, the presets from Exposure X2 look amazing. I can truly create that old film look I adore so much! The combination of using Lensbaby and Alien Skin Exposure X2 is so vital to my style...the collaboration of the two I feel creates my "signature look" 

My first series started in New York where I photographed model Allie Cezek  @alliecizek  
This series is called "In a New York Minute"   We only had an hour to shoot and that hour flew by! Using my Composer Pro @seeinanewway @lensbaby  in New York I actually tried to keep it straight as possible, I felt it was important for people to see it was New York and not just some unknown city.  We started on a roof-top of a building and then traveled down to the Financial District. The roof-top ended up being my favorite images...and you can't quite tell it's New York much, but I'm ok with that now, I still love the images and the main focus was Allie. We had a blast on the rooftop, it was so windy, things were flying everywhere and Allie could not keep her hair out of her face, we were laughing so hard. I pick up my camera and she would instantly stop laughing and start posing...one of the many reasons I love working with her. ( lenses used: composer pro with double glass optic and 50 mm )


November 20, 2017
The Second collection was with model: Valerie Schlaupitz @Valerie_Schlaupitz.  I rented a VW Bus, brought student videographer Noah Granitz, and created " Wish you were here~Postcards from a Vagabond" Not only did I capture images I just adore using my Composer Pro with (double Glass optic) but created a video from Animoto.com to go along with it. I made sure that some of these images had the dreamy blur I adore along with an old postcard feel, I wanted it to seem like she traveled where ever her heart took her. I used the Alien Skin Exposure X2 presets to add texture and change the color of the VW bus from green to baby blue  ( my favorite color)  Lens used: ( Composer pro with double glass optic and  Nikon 50mm)



November 20, 2017
"Wanderlust" was my next series created for the opening using model Lia Morse @skinnyminnylia. The location was perfect. Goldner Walsh Garden and Home is a beautiful garden center backdrop located in Pontiac Michigan. We were excited about incorporating live chickens in the session, this was a slight challenge because the chickens did not want to behave! It was an awesome setup and using my Lensbaby Composer Pro ( wdgo) for this session in such a magical place just enhanced the "dreamy wanderlust" feel I wanted. I had" Lana Del Rey" Music playing in the back of my mind throughout the whole session. Lia has that "Diet Mountain Dew Baby New York City" feel and look I love so much, she's hilarious and has such a great sense of humor, she was up for anything and cracking jokes all throughout our session. 
At this time I started incorporating vintage pieces from Virgie Geroux Vintage located in Pontiac Michigan @virgiegerouxvintage (a definite place you want to go to if you live in the Metro Detroit area and adore vintage clothing ) This place is a photographer's heaven and one of my favorite places to go and shop not only for clothing for shoots but also myself.  Using lots of texture and analog film presets, ( Exposure X2) the outfits along with the location and the use of my Lensbaby Composer Pro   (wdgo) made this collection one of my Favorites! Lens used( Composer Pro with double glass optic and Nikon 50 mm)


November 20, 2017
The next Collection was at the Virgie Geroux Store located 7 N Saginaw Pontiac, Michigan. Model  Autum Davis @davis-autum accompanied me to the beautiful location. Dreamy, fur, vintage slips, all my loves were in this one amazing location. With a plethora of girly, girl items along with my dreamy "Mad-Eye Moody Lens" we had a lot of fun. Virgie Geroux is the name of the shop owner Kelly Sykes's grandmother who always wore red lipstick and dressed Like a "lady." Kelly has amazing stories about her grandmother and I can definitely see that the store name is fitting for the amazing vintage vibe and feel it gives. It is seriously my favorite place to shop. I added a lot of texture and vintage vibe editing with Exposure X2 presets. It was very fitting naming the "Virgie Geroux" Series after her grandmother. Lens used: ( Composer pro with double glass optic and Nikon 55mm)

While doing this session Autum was explaining to Kelly and I that she almost lost her leg in a snowboarding accident just a few years back...I wanted to make sure I had this picture very clear. She went through a lot to heal her leg!


November 20, 2017
My fifth series was "Dance in Color" with model Jenna Ode @jennaode.model. Jenna is a highly skilled dancer along with being a fantastic model. We worked together in New York and Detroit, so working with her for this series was perfect. We met @Grafitti Alley in Ann Arbor Mi. I have to say this was a tricky shoot, I wanted her to move a lot, but using my Composer Pro, ( with double glass optic), I ended up having her slow down and pose more for a handful of the images so I could focus on her face. I do love the combination of movement and still shots, the location is well known to many artists in the area and is full of color. The light was perfect and crept around the corner a few times...so the name just fit, it all came together so well. My all-time favorite image of the group was the one that was featured in the Lensbaby featured photos of the week https://lensbaby.com/featured-photos-november-17-2017/  Colored Smoke bombs were placed behind here and colors danced around here. Jenna had this really cool pair of sunglasses on with just a hint of yellow. A vintage fur from Virgie Geroux and tall killer kick-ass boots. I used a small amount of texture and the Poloraid Bleach Bypass Preset from Alien Skin Exposure X2 ...the look was perfect!