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Âme rêveuse

January 28, 2019

I'm so grateful knowing amazing, talented artistic souls. When I need great talent for a Fashion Session I was fortunate to have my good friend Jeannie Jachman on board. She is an amazing hair and makeup artist. ( when I say, "artist" I mean "artist!")  She is one of the many talents from The Studio for Hair that I am ever so lucky to work with. My fashionista friend / Queen of the Derby Hats Rachelle Romanowski Willnus was ever so gracious to lend me a few of her designs. The vintage clothing was of course from nonother than Kelly Sykes of Vergie Giroux Vintage and the lovely Tara Radlick was my model. I was so excited when the prints came in, Parabo Press never disappoints, I love the cardstock and creamy colors..so perfect I had to photograph the prints add some silk ribbon and twinkle stars to show it off.

Your a Daisy!

October 22, 2018

I have to say I am always impressed by girls. In this photo, it is fricken cold, it was raining most of the day and at the end of the session we got pelted by rain and hail. But Jordan here ( second time I've worked with her) was such a trooper. You would never know by her smile and playful banter, it was in the low 50's  The location, Behind the Farmington library...Amazing Weeping Willows!!

What's in the Bag~Muzen Portable Speaker

September 21, 2018

    The Rosewood Duffle

In any business, detail and presentation make a huge difference. When I package items up for my clients, every little detail makes a world of difference. Not only do I want my images to be amazing, but the detail of my presentation and the little "extra touches" added make a huge impact. When I came across Muzen Portable Speakers, not only was I in love with the adorable size, the color options, and believe it or not the amazing sound that comes out of the little speakers but the detail and packaging just was the icing on the cake! I am beyond impressed. I knew the item was coming in the mail, but when I opened the box it seriously was like Christmas. Every little amazing detail on top of the quality of the speaker...I already know 10 people who will be receiving these for Christmas!!

One the site https://muzenaudio.com Is an assortment of little Speakers, I'm excited because they just added Muzen Jet Black Metal and Crimson Red Metal. But I actually was torn between the Rosewood Duffel and the Mint Green Metal. I picked the Rosewood just because as you can see in the photos, it fits my decor perfectly. Once you open the box you see this adorable bag, in the bag is the Travel Suitcase, more Adorableness!!! But wait...there's more!. Once you open the Travel Suitcase, you see the Rosewood Duffle Speaker wrapped in a beautiful dustcloth. Once you pull the speaker out ( mine came with ) The OTR PU Travel carry case already on it. Now the thing about this little case, it's cute as hell, it has a strap that you can wear like you would a crossbody purse. Once I lifted the dust cover, a black box with all cords, antenna ( for FM) user manual, postcards, stickers, catalog and story behind the speaker. I was so impressed with the packaging, with all the little adorable details. Everything can be stored In the Travel Case and you can take it anywhere!!!

Now for the true test...the sound! I have to say I was skeptical! like seriously Skeptical. Because this thing adorable as it is, it's really small! I plugged it in, let it charge and was so excited to hear how perfect the sound was. It's great for any room. It's perfect for traveling. I love it for shoots, now I have an actual speaker for locations. Perfect for Dorm Rooms ( kids have no room what so ever in a dorm anyway)  I never loved a product so much  ( other than my polaroid cameras!!) It's retro, cute and sounds amazing. I love this one so much my next purchase will be the Mint Green...My whole office is mint green and peach.

Here is the neat thing I get to share with you! If you want to purchase one of these adorable speakers here:  https://muzenaudio.com use the promo code SCOTTIEMAGRO10 and recieve $10 off your first purchase. Have fun shopping and tell them Scottie sent you :)

New Beginnings

September 06, 2018

New beginnings are bittersweet! On one hand, the start of something new is exciting, almost always a good thing that leads to growth and prosperity. On the other hand, it's new, unknown and slightly scary. Though you know it's for the best, it may not always feel that way. This past August was like that for me. Early August my daughter turned 27. ( just reminds me that I am almost 50) She may have a new job offer that is closer to home. She's worried about the move, a new environment and once again not knowing anyone, but she knows it's a great opportunity. The Middle of August we moved my youngest son into his dorm room. He will be a freshman this year attending Michigan Tech majoring in Biomedical Engineering. As we were driving up to the school, seeing it from a distance, he smiled, anxious and excited at the same time...this was it! We had a great opportunity to have a few fun days with him before we dropped him off. Hiking, biking, rafting, zip-lining and just hanging out being silly. It was really hard to say goodbye, I'm so excited for him and at the same time, I will miss him so much! The end of August my middle son turned 26 ( Again! reminding me how old I am) He's in the process of attending truck driving school and maybe moving from Seattle to Texas. Excited about a move and at the same time unsure about a move. So much change in such a few weeks time.

It took me a little over a week to write about this, to wrap my head around the next level of things for all of us. My role has officially changed. I'm now just a safety-net if needed, and all my kids are not kids anymore, I now have 3 adults. I think about the song "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac, I can never listen to it without crying.

"I've been 'fraid of changin'
'Cause I've built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I'm gettin' older, too"

My house is clean but quiet! There was a time in my life I yearned for that, ( Don't get me wrong...I love a clean house) I have projects, work and collaborations I'm excited for, that I feel I can jump in with both feet guilt-free, but I also feel wounded and slightly lost. I have so much to keep me busy, but my heart I know needs time. I'm excited, happy and sad all at once, It's a roller coaster ride of sorts. 

My latest project is card making ( gives me a nice outlet for something totally different and opportunity to use my slightly sarcastic humor) One of the very first cards I made was the one above.  Most of my cards are funny, this I made before we took my son up to school. In it everyone is leaving, the butterflies, the fish, the birds, the boy. The lady is left, everything she loves is moving on, everything from this point will never be the same....but I am grateful and blessed it's all good.


Old Darlings.....20 Years today!

July 31, 2018

This photo is old! it's about 10 years old.  It has a lot of sun glare...kind of why I like it. Like an old Polaroid in a way, faded through the years but still holds sentiment.  I was 38 at the time, wanting to take some fun pics of my husband and myself before we hit our 40's. Now I'm 47 and 50 is around the corner. What has happened in the past 10 years...20 years? It's crazy, today is our 20th anniversary! I partnered with a person I adore, respect and admire greatly and we built a life together. We have 3 amazing kids and I am blessed with an amazing life. Being married to Emil is like waking up to sunshine every morning...as cheesy as it sounds it is seriously true. We always talk about how lucky we are, for years and years we have said these words to each other. "How lucky are we to have this!" Everyone should have "this!" We hope our children find it, a love in another that is so extraordinary it can conquer any obstacle. I was trying to remember my 20 favorite moments, but there are so many, too many to chose just a few. All I can say is that 20 years have gone by fast. We will be driving our youngest up to school in 3 weeks, thus starting a whole new chapter in our lives. It will be bittersweet, but I look forward to my new adventure with Emil because I know that every morning when I wake up...it will still be like it has been for the past 20 years.... a ray of sunshine.

Costa Rica 2018

March 18, 2018

My Lovie and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Costa Rica for 3 1/2 days. This year (in July) will be our 20th anniversary. I really did not want to go at first. Were really busy. I felt uncomfortable leaving my son ( he's almost 18 btw...but still!!) I felt guilty and I could not justify why. I kept thinking if my kids need me I'll be too far away, it will be too hard to get to them, especially in an emergency. I almost pushed for not going. As we tossed it around we both realized that our last trip like this without kids was 20 years ago lol, before we got married. So... We started to pack!

Costa Rica is an amazing country, I always feel blessed to meet new places and people. I thought you would call people from Costa Rica "Costa Ricans" but the locals are called ticos ( feminine tica) Probably more amongst each other. I think as a visitor saying "locals" was the proper thing to do.

We went with a group from my husband's work, kind of a work-related trip. The organization had a bus ready for us to go from the airport to the resort  The Westin Golf Resort And Spa, Playa Conchal ( totally would recommend!!) I was impressed by our guide, super friendly, very proud.  I actually learned a lot in that one hour drive. Costa Rica has no army, has free education, the kids wear uniforms (awesome!) Costa Rica has a wet and dry season. It's either really hot and super dry or crazy wet literally for 6 months at a time. The dry season is their biggest tourist season. I think I actually would like to revisit during the wet season, I think it would be amazing to see the jungle that way.

If anyone has visited Costa Rica I'd love to hear from you. We were only there  3 1/2 days. Not quite long enough to immerse ourselves in the culture. But long enough to leave the world for a few days ( and not feel too guilty )

I did bring my camera and a few lenses but believe it or not (and this would come to a shocker for people who know me well) I hardly used my professional camera, Most of the images you see in this post are from my phone. I really did not feel like dragging my camera around my neck in 100-degree weather, which surprised everyone including me. After all, it was a vacation!

Ahh, the beach!! When we left Michigan it was 30 degrees and still had snow on the ground, 95 and dry was a slight shock to the system. I have to say the Beach was my favorite part of the trip.  ( and ok....beach pics real camera) I could have stayed on the beach for days, but we only had three full days and tried to squeeze a lot into them. The locals offer massages for $20 on the beach ( I recommend) and sell tchotchkes on little tables. I found this adorable ceramic monkey whistle, I love it!!! 

I  wish I found more of the monkey whistle, They had ceramic birds as well, but only one monkey ...I just fricken think it's adorable! I found him a home amongst all my Cacti on my coffee table. 
( matches perfectly)   

Speaking of monkeys, The Mantled Howler Monkeys are everywhere in Costa Rica, They migrate from one side of the resort to the other every morning and evening, so they were always easy to find. They travel in groups called "troops"  about 6 together at a time. Howler Monkeys have a deep kind of " grunt-howl" and when they do make noise, It's letting other monkeys know of there territory. It was definitely a sight to see and probably one of my favorite things to watch.  (Now remember this is a phone pic, so all my photog friends...no judging!)

Another thing I did not know Costa Rica was popular for was ziplining. We did this our second day in......started at the top of a very tall mountain and nine lines later you reach the bottom. It was fricken hot!!! But fun. A big reason I did not want to bring my camera for this....... 

....Ziplining upside down is tricky enough!!

I definitely recommend this if you're physically up to it.

I got to meet a lot of great people my husband works with, but this awesome couple here (especially Vanessa to my right) Definitely two new good friends for sure. Vanessa is amazing and funny as hell!!) I love meeting new people!!

It's probably hard to tell unless I point this out, but there are monkeys in the tree in front of me,   
( phone camera people!) My Lovie and I are sitting on a deck drinking AMAZING COFFEE!!!!!  watching the monkeys migrate back to the other side of the resort. Even if you are not a big coffee fan, you have to try the coffee!! Seriously, I wish I could bring buckets home. Better than Starbucks!  Drinking a fancy cup of cappuccino watching monkeys go by...pinkies up people! pinkies up!)

It was tricky trying to find gifts for people that looked "authentically from Costa Rica." We went to this little shopping town in Tamarindo our last day in search of finding cool things to bring home. I did find these adorable looking "tiki" statues ( one for each of our kidos) I love these too...could not find any more of them so I think I got lucky finding three. We did not have time to venture too far. If anyone has had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica and can suggest places to find unique things, I'd love to hear from you. Tamarindo was like a dirty Key West with too many Americans lol. I felt like I was shopping at Pier One half the time.

 Although we didn't see any Sloths, they're big in Costa Rica as well...A fluffy fake one had to do.

Some of the shops were cute in Tamarindo, this reminds me so much of my favorite cartoon

This was the little town walking distance from the resort.

 The Cacti is super tall and skinny ( Emil showing the scale)

The palm trees on the resort were beautiful...only on the resort. The rest of the area being the dry season looked dead or dormant.

I called this the "praying tree" It was one of the few that was lit up at night at the resort. The picture does not do it justice. The trees are really neat, lot's of the roots grow above ground.

OK...glad I went, the kids are fine, the house did not burn down, and no one missed me for three days! As much as I hesitated about the trip it was really a nice little break. Twenty years with this guy! (yes, it's bragging time) It went by so fast. This beautiful soul I wake up next to every day. This amazing person I adore so much. I can't believe in a blink of an eye that twenty years have gone by. How lucky am I to be with the most beautiful person I have ever encountered in my life. Emil and I have something I wish everyone had, everyone deserves to have the love of your life in your life! I'm so lucky I have him. I admire him, I'm in awe of him and I look up to him.... he is what makes my world so beautiful ( Cheers to 20 more!)