Finally Something New! I have not added anything in a while but I have been busy, in a good way. I feel my ETSY is taking off. I have had not only people purchase items but I have had some repeat customers. I also have had two of my customers give me lovely gifts. Melinda Montgomery gave me her CD and A beautiful card she made. I was so touched. The CD is awesome and is now one of my favorites to listen to while I am making art. I have also befriended a lady who also sells on ETSy and lives in California. Sherry is sending me a lovely Bamboo necklace that she has made, I’m so in aw. I never thought it was going to be more than just business. You know, you buy from me, I say thank you and that's it. But I have had E-mail conversations with great people. And not only through blogging but also through ETSY, I feel very lucky. This direction is all new and exciting. I just hope I can keep it going. Please take a moment to take a peek at Sherry's site: She has beautiful items to purchase. And at in general. Thousands of hand made items by people who have put their heart soul in to the lovely things that they have made. I think it is so very important as artist’s to support each other and spread the word. My Dad has always said this to me “You can't do everything alone!" And he's right, I want to befriend as many people as I possibly can, and enjoy the ride!!