Art work by one of my fav's...Tom Everhart

I received My first Snoopy when I was Six. I got it from my uncle who was a professional garbage picker. My “new” Snoopy had seen better days. I know what your thinking eww!!! And yea it was probably gross. But after it was washed a gazillion times, it became my most precious possession.
The Stuffed Snoopy was as tall as I was, and ventured in to my first grade class room almost everyday. I had a special empty desk for him…right next to mine. This went on for almost two months until the kids started giving me a hard time. My teacher finally had enough and told me Snoopy had to stay home. So Snoopy stayed while I went to school. Sadly one day I came home to find Snoopy was MURDERED!!! Murdered viciously by my German Shepard…total decapitation!!! I was devastated and cried for days!!! We had a very nice funeral for my Snoopy and buried him out side in the back yard. Later I secretly found out that my uncle had to dig him up and throw his poor tattered remains in to the actual garbage.
How ironic. (That’s where he came from) So this lead to my love of Snoopy!!! To this day,I have around 75.
Don’t cringe…they only come out at Christmas!!!