I want to take off running in 2010!!! I  for the first time have made a New Years Resolution, as a matter of fact I have made many!!!  I am eager and excited to start them! I don't know about anyone else, I'm sure everyone has there challenges, but my one big challenge is starting something and following through to the finish!  I have a very difficult time with this because usually the house is a mess. And I go to put things away and realize that the closets need to be organized and then the kids dressers are a disaster, then someone is sick or the PTA needs extra help.......wiat a minute wasn't I just starting something!!! (LOL!) Then..well I have to place what I started aside, because I have to fill on order, work late, clean up the cat vomit and so on. next thing you know the seasons have changes and I then tuck that project I had started away for the following season, but then the following season forgot where I placed it!!!
NO MORE!!!!!This year already started off challenging but I just have to work harder to get what I want.... be more organized and follow a friggen schedule! ..I am ready 2010, I am ready to make you a great year!