I am to the point where I think I am in love! In love again for the first time in many years! Seeing things in a new light and feeling oh so excited about it. This is no ordinary love, because of course it is not with a person! It is with my camera, and for the first time in years I feel excited again to take pictures. What brought me back from the grave? Well for starters my daughters senior pictures. That was so much fun taking them that I was excited...from there I have been taking more photos artistically this year then in many years before ( and folks I went to school for photography!!!) The second thing that got me so excited is my infatuation for Lomography! I am just starting to dabble in it a bit and only own a simple HOLGA, but Lomography is so stunning and artistic, there is so much about it that makes a photograph come alive. Something about  that TTV look seams so raw and beautiful! It's fun and everywhere. Now through the power of photoshop and technology you don't even have to own a Lomography camera to get that Lomography look.And if you are in need of some LOMOGRAPHY Camera eye candy check out the few links below I have provided for your eye candy camera pleasure ( OH,P.S., Just google LOMOGRAPHY to look at some beautiful images that are so inspiring to see...you'll be hooked I bet you that!)

http://www.urbanoutfitters.comhttp://www.urbanoutfitters.com (search cameras)
http://www1.yoox.com ( search design or lomography)