Out of all the funny photos I took on Mothers Day, this one stands out the most. Not because I like the Beetles ( that is what I had in mind when I took the photo) what stands out in this photo is my kids walking!  This Mothers Day I realized that I will not have many more  like this. That in just a few years my two oldest will be calling me from some distant location to say Happy Mothers Day. They will be off on there own, doing there own thing living there own lives. As I took this pictures I yelled out to them " go stand on the path and walk across the street." And many times with many situations I ask myself "did I send them on the right path...did I make the right decisions?" I like this picture! It's not my best and not my favorite because of the look and surroundings...It's my favorite because they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing in life. I can suggest paths for them, but each of them will chose there own.   I will have two off to college and one not lagging far behind. As they crossed the street three, four times goofing and giggling I was trying hard not to show my tears. I was happy for the day, happy for the moment, happy we were together!