Well the last few weekends were fun! and went by so fast...summer feels like it is over to me already! So much to squeeze in to this summer and so little time to do it. We had a neat opportunity to go to the Howell balloon festival, which was very cool. I have never seen a Balloon up close let alone be blown up before your eyes and drift away.  I was geeked to get some photos of them floating away. There was a carnival as well so of corse we had to have our funnel cakes and cotton candy!!! This past weekend we went to Cedar Point
 ( like Six Flags for those of you who are not familiar)Once again I realize just how old I am getting, what I could ride on two years ago just about killed me this time around! lol! After the fourth roller coaster I was done, but I carried on and went on a total of ten ( yea me!) It was a fun time. I also squeezed a photo shoot of my beat friends boys in, I'm geeked because I love how the pictures turned out and it was a lot of fun. When people know you they are more comfortable to "trust your judgment and creative ideas" 800 pictures and two hours later we got some really cool shots! Now for anyone who knows me well knows I am addicted to two things, Starbucks Coffee and Photoshop actions..I always have to alter!!!