Well I accidentally deleted my pics from this weekends Diy Street Fair. Crystal from Flint Handmade on the other hand did a wonderful job taking tuns of pictures and posting them on the Flint Handmade blog, so please check out The Flint Handmade blog. The Diy Street Fair was awesome, a littl buggy for a good four hours, but that didn't keep shoppers away!!! I look forward to the event next Year. On a different not I bought a very cute skirt from OuterSpaceways Inc @ CremeBruleeClothing  and a very cute apron from an etsy seller, unfortunatly I can not read her handwritting which is too bad, because I would love to send a link to her  such a bummer, it's so darn cute. If I find out who she is I will definatly link her site!