I had the most unusual request...something I really never made before and I think it turned out OK... considering this was my first time making any kind of items with food! The owner of Eclectic Attic Asked me to create a Ginger Bread hose for a competition they were having with other stores in the Downtown Plymouth area. Well at first I said yes right away...because how hard could a little ginger bread house be, especially if you cheat and use a kit lol! But one thing led to another and I soon realized that not only that this was a "big deal" but I had the brilliant idea to do something totally not "gingerbread like."   Well It's different...and very Marie Antoinette...because that is what I wanted, and very sweet...cuz it's a lot of icing!!! I realized in this experience that icing slides off of pretty much everything. Also my big, wonderful Marie Antoinette cotton candy hair...became to stiff and hard and fell of her head the night before I had to deliver it of course!!! So one quick "wig change" to frosting and her head was saved!!! ( for the moment) It was a neat experience and something I never thought I could do! ( not sure I would again!!! lol!!)