There are so many thing I love about Christmas, non of them involves presents! For one my kids have two weeks off of school, I should say my son because my two oldest are now home for a month. This means movie night's with pop corn and hot chocolate,  playing rock band and staying up an extra 20 minutes to finish a favorite book. I love that every Christmas I pull out my Snoopy collection and my Charlie Brown Christmas Music. I get goose bumps pulling each Snoopy out and remembering how much I loved him when I was little. My family and I see friends more, reminisce and catch up on kids, events or loved ones that have gone before us. I love Christmas lights and Nostalgic Holiday Decorations... common, everyone loves a plastic glowing Santa sitting by the front door!! Building snow men, going sledding, sitting by the fire,
that is what Christmas is about. My kids hardly ever remember their gifts from year to year, but they remember how many time we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" or how many times I made them watch "the Sound of Music." Cookies that we burned one year and made all pink another. Pulling out Christmas ornaments that the kids made 15 years ago...all my favorites!!! My most favorite thing is being so grateful that I receive the gift every day of waking up next to the person a so adore, that my kids are happy and healthy  and that life is truly wonderful no mater what challenges come our way.  My kids wont remember all the details of this Christmas, I just hope they will always remember and truly feel how much they are loved!
 . Scottie Thompson