As a photographer, I am always trying to find clever ways to display my photos.  Here are a few I had over the holiday's I would love to share...having a cute little photo display around your house is fun and simple to do. This is one of those ways you can think outside the box with some neat ideas.  

 These are called "Frogs" There used for flower arrangements and you can purchase them your local craft store. I love these because I can use them for business cards or in this case display a few of my wallet sized photos around the house.
 I love this little yellow car! There is something about it that is just so adorable. This car usually sits on my desk, but sometimes I move it to a coffee table and just pop a little photo in it. I wish I had more in different colors, but this was the only one I found. ( I'm still looking though.)

    I love little Cake Stands, this on has a "frog and photo" under the glass dome Fun, quick and simple!
Sprinkle some glitter or add some glass hearts for a different effect.
                                                   Heres a helping hand...and it moves!
      Here is a Hand Stand I found while on vacation. I't was a tad pricey, but I love it and use it all the time!

 I had beads in these jars and decided to use them for a photos instead. I wanted something quick, so I sprinkled a little fake snow in the bottom and placed a photo inside, the snow kept the photo in place and gave it a cute Christmas feel for the holidays.
 Oh, Moo Cards, I do love you!!!  And what a cute way to display them! I have seen these stands all over little stores in the Metro Detroit Area, this one I found at Bohemian Home in Plymouth, Michigan.These are not made specifically for Moo Cards, This is just one way I use them.  ( Wow! those kids are darn cute!)

 These little Easel Stands I found at my local craft store, I painted this one black. I love these little stands and use them for lost of little display purposes. They come in a light  wood color, which I like because I am the queen of spray paint, and I love making these stands multiple colors! What a cute idea for a wedding!

 5x7 Film Holder... A long, long, long time ago I worked  for a car photographer who had his own E6 lab. he let me have a few of these 5x7 film holders that were broken.For a while  they sat in a box till I realized I could place a normal photo in them and display them like a frame. Purchased new they are very pricy, but you could find used ones on ebay. What once was for developing slide film now houses two cute photos of me and my hubby. ( Sweet love! )