I was trying to come up with a cute looking ad  to promote my Free Photo Shoot idea...this took me three hours (lol!) 

What do I need to do to receive a free Photo Shoot you may ask?
All you have to do is refer me to four paying customers. If one of those four paying customers refers me to another four they will receive a free photo shoot as well. What do you get with your FREE Shoot? Well I'm glad you asked...

  • You will receive professional photography - FREE!
  • Your location of choice -FREE! 
  • professionally edited photos- FREE! 
  • receive all you photos on a printable CD - FREE
  • Photo Shoots generally cost $150 an up,but this one is FREE!

Just blab to your family and friends...all referrals will receive $50 OFF there photo shoot! 

What can I do with a Free Photo Shoot & Free Cd of all my photos?

  1. Well...you can e-mail awesome photos of your self to your family and friends 
  2. Place them on Face Book ( ya know you want to)
  3. Print them...as many times as you like!
  4. BLAB, BLAB, BLAB...to your friends,family,your neighbor even the mail man. The more you blab the more your family and friends can get in on this very cool deal!
When does this amazing deal end???

I would love to say never, but all good thing must come to an end and this very cool deal ends June 18th.

If you prepay for a shoot before June 18th but would like the shoot after June 18th...no 
problem I'm cool like that!

any questions e-mail me scottie@scottiemagro.com