A few days ago I entered a Facebook contest. The person who shared the most photos of the boots that are being held in Kelly's hand ( above video) would win those boots. Well....I posted like crazy for three days. I lost count after 300 (lol!)  The end of the contest was Valentine's day. That evening I got a call from Kelly Smillie and received  the awesome news that I had won! So I am extremely geeked! The boots are so sweet looking I can not wait to sport them around town. I have a feeling they will probably end up in a few fashion shoots as well ;) I posted about the company a few days ago so definitely take a peek at the website.
Cowgirlclad.com The styles and clothes are awesome...I would love to make a field trip with my sisters, I  already see three other pairs of boots on their web site that I know I would like to have!