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  I love when photographing people takes you to an unexpected place and creates a pleasant surprise. Last year I was vending at the I art festival in Redford Mi. I had advertised a special photography session for that weekend. Jeannie Jachman  (above) and her family came up to my booth, asked a few questions and took my card. They viewed my site and the next day came back to my booth and purchased a shoot from me. a few weeks later I photographed Jeannie and her beautiful family in their amazing back yard. I really liked Jeannie right from the start  and could tell she was a great person. Before I drove away from that shoot she called a friend to have her friends family pictures taken by me. I not only received  many referrals from her but she also asked me to take part in a collaborative photo shoot....Jeanie is amazing when it comes to hair and makeup, I call her a hair genius! After a few fashion shoots we created together I knew we would be good friends. 

             ~So this photo is Jeannie at the park...I shot this a few days ago along with two other people I adore  ( and will be posting their photos) Jeannie's two children Scarlett and Julian. I have a handful of photos that I have taken of Jeannie but I really like this one and I will tell you why. She is down to earth, compassionate and just plain fun...and this photo shows that. She is that person who will sit on the ground and play with her kids, hop on a swing, pretend she is a flower or plan an amazing tea/birthday party.  She is sincere, honest and loyal. I have witnessed all these wonderful things from her just through the little time that I have gotten to know her. I feel like we have been friends for years. I love being around her and admire her in many way's! My favorite thing about Jeannie is we have a lot in common!!! So thank you to the photography gods and good karma. The best thing about walking away from an awesome shoot is making a new friends... I'm super geeked to have Jeannie my "new friend" in my life!