This is not a difficult DIY at all. It was a tad time consuming but fun. I just started to teach myself to sew. Sewing a straight line is a great accomplishment for me lol! A while ago I purchased for pennies a large fabric sample book. The beautiful samples all had one thing in common, the color pink. Each piece was stapled in the book. Carefully I had to pull the book apart and remove all the staples. Each piece also had   cardboard attached to the back that I could not remove with out damaging the fabric...thus my dilemma what to do with these? I held on to them for a while and finally decided to see if I could create a girly back drop for a photo shoot. I have a beautiful crushed velvet red chair I am dying to try out now with this now that I sewed these pieces together..All I need is a live person lol!.  { Mr Bear will have to do for the moment} Even thought I did have to sew through fabric and cardboard it ended up not as thick as I thought, it was a slight challenge but I do love the results.

If you like to try something similar go to a fabric store and see if you can purchase discounted fabric books. I do know that this fabric was high end so I defiantly wanted to create something neat with it...happy with the results & excited for my next "girly shoot"