This little DIY is easy and fun. You can be creative and place other items in the glass bottles, has to
be waterproof or plastic I love the confetti stars because they remind me of wishes. I also love, bottles and had a lot of them sitting around, the older bottles are the best, so if you have a special vintage bottle waiting for some tlc this might be the idea for you.

 First you need coffee ( kidding I need coffee!!) Bottles, Corn Syrup, Confetti {I have stars} Cork toppers...should fit your bottles and tchotchkes....if you would like a little extra bling!

 Poor as many stars or confetti as you like, you want to at least fill your glass half full ( not half empty) Put about 20% water in the jar after the confetti. 

 Add corn syrup...A lot of corn syrup.  You want the solution to be thick, that holds the confetti in place longer and makes it look  not so watery.You want to do this over the sink in your kitchen, corn syrup is super sticky!!!

 When you think you like the amount ( you may have to play with how full you would like it, I suggest as full as you can make it) Cork it and seal it with Diamond glaze or Aleene's paper glaze. You want to seal it for a few reasons. 1 Corn Syrup expands in heat. So when the weather is warm the syrup will seep out of the top kind of like sap come out of trees. 2 you do not want a sticky mess in case someone decides to shake it to hard or force it open...if you have kids then you know exactly what I am talking about.

You can take a simple jar and really make it a sweet gift. This idea is neat for birthday, wedding or baby shower  table top gifts. you can also give the whole bottle a vintage feel. The bottle on the left has a piece of Crystal with metal in it. The metal turned the solution a dark vintage color. Every time I make these no one guesses what the solution is or where I purchased it (shhh!) Both bottles have the same feet on them, I painted one set blue to give it a whimsical feel.

 Another idea is to go to a scrapbook store to fine you goodies to place in your jar. I found these perfect plastic confetti flowers {BELOW} and made a handful for my friend daughters birthday.

The stars are my favorite because they just have a vintage nostalgic feel to them and I like to give a bottle of stars as a gift and tell people I hope a "thousand wishes" come true for them. I am looking to find mustache confetti  because that would be sweet!
One more thing...the more you shake the better!