Today after I picked my youngest up from school, we ventured to our favorite ice cream place. We sat and talked a bit and something dawned on me, a neat idea that I wished I thought of a few years back with my oldest children. I told my son that when he is 40 (I will be 70 yikes!) we will have a future ice cream date! No matter where we are in life on June 8th 2040 we will have an  have ice cream date together. I asked him how he thought he will be when he is 40. He said he was sure he will be a "Rock n Roll" star but own a farm on the side. I told him that I see him more in a suit and tie! (we have a $1 bet to see who is more accurate) It was a neat conversation and our ideas of how our future selves may be was interesting. He may not know this but I was afraid to blink during our conversation. I barely remember when he was a baby, I can not imaging him being a man. I don't even want to think about being a 70 year old woman, but I can say this... even at 70 I will still be cool! ( at least in my son's eyes)