I love CHICAGO!!!!!! It's an awesome town and I miss living there.  Even though I did not grow up close to the down town area, and my neighborhood was quiet rough...the city is just a beautiful place, I will always call it home!!!  When people ask where I'm from and I say "Chicago" I always get the same two responses..."Why are you here, and where did you live?"  I laugh at the why you are here one and that is a long story, but I always got stumped on the "where did you live part" I lived "IN THE CITY." A beautiful city full of a mixing pot of nationalities. It's architectural  buildings are breathless and amazing pieces of art in themselves. I worked at Wrigley Field  as a teenager selling hot dogs and in 1988 at 17 I was privileged to witness history as Wrigley Field had it's first night game ever! It's the only place I can find a decent "Pizza Puff" and it is home to  the best Italian Beef sandwiches ever!!! The City never sleeps and is always bustling with life. Going back for visits  are such a treat!  I just purchased a new phone and was eager to use the camera on the phone to see how well it shoots....I'm impressed...all these awesome photos are taken with my new phone.I am defiantly geeked about the sweet pics and can't wait to frame a few  If you ever go to Chicago you have to hit the little rinky-dink corner hot dog stand  ....get an Italian beef sandwich or a pizza puff, and tell them Scottie from Chicago sent you :)