photos courtesy of Upcycle Your Life/ Michelle Stolz

When I mail out photos or Cd's to clients I like to gift them with a personal home made touch. A big "thank you" on top of their photo experience with me.  I hand make each package, each persona not, each thank you tag along with that I gift little polaroids of the shoot and photo booth style strips. I'm very {retro geek} so I like my style of packaging to reflect that. One of my clients Michelle Stolz photographed the package I sent to here and blogged about it on here blog Upcycle Your Life She also took these cute photos of the package when she received it. This was a super fun shoot  for me and her ideas that she wanted were so awesome. I'm honored {& geeked} that she loved the experience and photos so much that she took the time to talk about it in on her Facebook and Blog...thanks Michelle *blush!