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I love talking about this subject! I have parents ask me all the time  how to get there kids to look at the camera and smile? let them be! And don't expect them to sit, hold still and smile, that's like asking a T-Rex not to eat you! It's not in kids nature to do that. Ask your self a few questions before you try to get that "great shot"

One~ When is the bast time of day for them? {before or after nap time}

Two~ Do they sit well with their siblings? If not don't force them to hold their younger brother if that's not their "thing" Also remember the for a two year old a baby is heave to them. You may see it as them not cooperating because they can not verbally say "hey, he's heavy!" Most of the kids in the photos shown had siblings, and as much as every mom wants that one shot of all three kids perfectly looking with loving adoring eyes in to the camera that's just not  going to happen. It's best to get good ones of each child individually then forcing them together.

Three~ Weather!! It's spring and we only have awesome flowers for like a day! Take advantage of your surroundings  If you know that your amazing flowered tree is going to bloom in two days then plan the photos for that day. Think this through ( Ok, I have 20 minutes before Derek starts getting upset . I have my bag of gold fish, camera, blanket and toys. As soon as he wakes up we will  go out side and have a fish and juice box picnic under my favorite tree)

If you get one or two good ones than I can say you had a good shoot and really that is all you need. :)

Four~ Get down to their level and I don't mean this in just getting on your knees ( which I was for all of the shoots above) I mean understand where they are coming from. If your day was disrupted from it's norm with no explanation I don't think you would be very happy. Just like adults give them a heads up. As soon as your kids can understand and communicate to you make sure you are communicating back. ("Guess what two days mommy's favorite tree will have the most beautiful flowers on them so we are going to take a few pictures outside with the tree. As a special treat, we are going to have a picnic under the special flowers!" Kids need a heads up too! I bet the more you prepare the more you will have cooperation :)

Five~DISTRACTIONS!!!! Sniff a flower, look at the sky, count the clouds! All the photos above the kids wanted nothing to do with me. I distracted them and snapped like crazy. The beauty of digital  is you can delete the ones you don't want!

 ~Last thing...if they are not looking at you and smiling, it's ok! My  favorite pictures of my kids {pictured below} is when they are not looking at me, interacting with each other and especially being themselves! This photo hangs on my wall and every time I pass by it I smile!

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