Lots of parents ask me how to get their kids to behave when they are taking photos of their kids and little kids are super tricky. Here is a few tips to hopefully help you capture a great shot of your child.

Babies start smiling around 2 months. remember they cant quiet make out what the are seeing yet but they do recognize your voice so lots of talking helps with smiles.Once they start crawling that my friend is tricky...it's go, go, go.  This is where the games began. Patty cake, peek a boo, sing a song, clap your hands. Sometimes the best pictures are sleeping by a window or when they are very focused on a toy.

{This little guy was a tad teary eyed at first but soon found a smile}

{The little girl was so intrigued by the tulle she was holding on top of the way she is looking down, add the crown on her makes for a perfect shot and  one of my favorites!!!. This was taken in her home and in the photo the little girl is sitting on her Mother's lap.}

 Photos between the ages of one and two may be difficult because you often will start hearing the magic word "NO!"  So to get a family photo or a photo period  say  things like "Mommy my need help sitting under this tree would you like to help me?" " I think a family of birds live her, lets go look." "Would you like to hold your baby bear in this picture?" All those things help a lot.

      { I love how she is holding her giraffe in this photo.}

   { Oh my goodness! What is mommy and daddy doing!}

 The ages of  3-5 is when  you can start to reason with kids, so a heads up is important. It's not a good idea to say "BTW... we are getting our photos taken today at 3!!" Letting kids know ahead of time will help with professional and photos you take at home. Also Have them involved in decision making " What color shirt would you like to ware, the blue or the red?"

 ( Keep options limited or some one will want their PJ'S) "Do you think Daddy should wear the same color or a different color shirt?" You do not know how important it is to a little kid to contribute to the color of a shirt or a idea for the day even if it's you  taking a quick photo or more professional and planned. Little kids feel super important and need to feel like they have  some kind of control of the day when they understand what is going on. Understanding and cooperation will equal a happy face and hopefully a smother photos session either by you or a professional :)

       {Let your kids help make decisions on picture day}

{ Don't  forget to ask for lots of hugs...those are the best!}