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Have you ever meet someone who really hustles, who inspires you, who is truly by definition a trendsetter?  That would be my good friend Janna Coumoundourous of Lilacpop Studio. Janna shines in a class all her own and in my eyes is an Iconic Figure in Detroit Fashion. Not only is she an amazing photographer specializing in real estate for over the span of 15 years, her award-winning fashion and commercial photography have been featured in online magazines like Italian Vogue and Detroit's very own Styleline Magazine. She photographs food, fashion, events and more, but Janna's talent does not end there.

Janna creates stunning and unique jewelry that has been featured in Dateline Detroit, Fox 2 News, and NAIAS 2012. Her amazing work is sold all over Metro Detroit. Janna's design inspiration arises from a desire to discover the beauty in everyday objects, such as vintage machines and car parts, which she disassembles, repurposes, and combines with her own metal work to create her own amazing one-of-a-kind pieces.  

If it isn't enough that Janna Creates stunning jewelry, she also designs and brings to life dresses made from nonother than Inteva Inteather automotive material. who she has been commissioned by 3 years in a row to create unique automotive dresses for the North American International Auto Show's Charity Preview held every January in downtown Detroit. The material can be found in many brands and cars used on panels and sunroofs. She adds other elements of surprise such as shredded seat belts, vintage machine parts, and delicate beaded lace to create completely unique yet beautiful and wearable gowns.  

Last year's dresses were featured in publications and websites all around the globe including USA Today, The Associated Press, ABC News, U.S. & World Report, and more. Janna's automotive dress collection was on display last year at the Detroit Historical Museum alongside creations by Anna Sui, John Varvatos, Tracy Reese and other native Detroit fashion designers.   

 Detroit Singer/ Songwriter Josie Pace  Photography by Janna Coumoundouros at The Conserva 

Models wearing 4 of Janna's Dresses using material from Inteva at the North American International Auto Show's Charity Preview

This year Janna is designing a dress using Inteva Material specially made for  Kim DeGiulio From Detroit Channel 4 News. If you do attend the 2018 Charity Preview Show you will not only see Kim DeGiulio sporting this amazing one-of-a-kind dress but Janna her self along with other models will be walking around all wearing previous dresses and jewelry made out of Inteva material and custom automotive parts.   

Bella Grace Magazine - Love the Life You Live

You would think I'd be concluding, now wrapping this up and commenting on all the amazing accomplishments and hard work Janna Coumoundourous has put in over the years. The numerous fashion shows she has participated in, the many interviews not only with local news but in magazines all across America, you would think after having not only her self and her fashion photography on billboards and busses around the Metro Detroit what else could I add, what else can this woman possibly accomplish? 

    Mushroom Photo by Janna Coumoundouros can be purchased here: LilacpopPhotography

Well......Last Year Janna alongside her Husband Chef Matt Baldridge opened their restaurant The Conserva located in Ferndale Mi. She helps create the advertisement,  photographs the food, helps with the website and much more. She is also in charge of coordinating monthly featured artist at the Conserva. Each month, a local artist has their work displayed on the walls, starting with an opening night celebration,  followed by 2 weeks of the featured artists work on display and for purchase. Detroit's Art, Fashion and Culinary are growing because of people like Matt and Janna. Their love for the city an dedication to the arts is inspirational.

Janna tweaking a dress in her Ferndale Studio Photo courtesy of SEEDS Studio 

Janna has accomplished so much just within the past 5 years I have known her, it's a whirlwind to write about. I can say that this little SEEDS Studio Shoutout (#seedsstudioshoutout) doesn't do justice to the determination and inspiration Janna has shown not only through her work but to women everywhere. If you meet her she's hilarious and never takes herself seriously.  She sees the beauty in everything and lights up a room when she walks in, Her talent always amazes me and her hustle has no end. If this story does anything, it should be inspiring. This wife and mother of two who started out as a DNR outdoor ranger has transformed her passion into reality with nothing but hard work and determination. If you do attend the North American International Auto Show's Charity Preview this year I encourage you to find Janna, chat with her and maybe if your lucky get her autograph. She is a Badass Girlboss, a true inspiration and I'm honored to call her friend.

Detroit Fox 2 News  The showcasing of Janna's new dress airs tomorrow morning 1/16/2018
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