The-one-and-only Josie Pace was in the Ferndale Studio  a few weeks ago and I have to say that was the most kick-ass fun session I have had in a while. She and her producer Ken Roberts @kenrobertsmusician / @skullmanagement were in my studio for 2 hours. We shot in the studio, the hallway of the Ferndale Center Building ( always an awesome spot) a handful on the fire escape which I love shooting on. The building elevator which I am always pleasantly surprised when it works well lol! I have to say the photos are just fricken amazing! Josie is not only extremely talented, but her video "Lies of the lovers" is so beautiful and probably one of my favorites not only visually but when she's not screaming her voice can sound very soft and sweet. ( just FYI all in German) Her style and this is a huge influence from her producer Ken Roberts is stylized in such a cool artistic way. A lot of lens flair ( J.J. Abrams would be proud!) A touch of gritty old TV, VHS- 8mm mixed in and visually  I love it!  Forever I have photographed dreamy romantic, and I still do, but I am veering towards bold and gritty and this shoot was the prime example of a new direction I am hoping to dive into.  I knew that using my Omni Filters from Lensebaby   / @omnifilter,  for this shoot would be the perfect icing on the cake. The visual effect I was going for fit her style and brand, I was so happy with the results (and they were too!)  Josie is amazing in front of the camera as well as on stage. We're planning on a Summer Shoot Downton and I am super geeked and full of ideas! already! 
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