A few weeks back, And believe it or not the weather was decent for February/ March. I had Sophia Fossano in The Ferndale Studio @sophiafossanomodeling  She is a  High School Senior This Year, Not only is it extra fun haveing a senior who also models, but she was open to really make these more fashionable than Senior Session like. Since Mom was on board that's exactly what we did.  I just happen to have a few t-shirts in the studio for a lookbook shoot with  Detroit T-shirt Co Preaching Tees @preachingtees We used that shirt for some of the shoot. I have to say The White Vintage Baseball Team T-shirt from Preaching Tees probably my favorite! The shoot was awesome, I love when I have a subject comfortable in their skin and takes direction well. On top of that, she did her own hair and makeup which I struggle with myself to this day lol!  I am so envious of people who can do their own hair and makeup well. And Eyelashes....I love eyelashes and lipstick, I mean love, love, love. So when my clients can master both, I'm super geeked, If I did their eyelashes would look like Groucho! ( it would totally be a mustache on their nose) I also am using more and more my Omni Filter Set from Lensbaby,  and I have to say, The instant flair and color it creates I'm so digging it! Lately, I'm really into placing some kind of netting over my model's faces. I like the look and the leading lines it creates.  The whole session was awesome and the looks were amazing. The T-shirts at the end of the session were a fun extra.  You should visit Preaching Tees ( Ill be talking about them in an upcoming post) The site is really cool and the shirts are really kick-ass! 

@sophiafossanomodeling sporting some Detroit love 💘 wearing a vntage- T from @preachingtees #productshots #clothingphotography #productphotographer #lookbook #tshirts #detroitfashion #detroitfashionphotographer #commercialphotography #hourdetroitmagazine