Well...... I was hoping to have a Great epiphany of ideas…I do have new ideas that I thought were very cool, but so far have not moved on my etsy. I do have to say I am a bit tired of the photo pendants. Part of me would like to continue with them and part of me would like to move on. The only thing is that sells out of all my etsy items are the photo items so, I am not sure what to do. People do not realize how much time and effort go in to these items…something to think about???
In the mean time I like my new items…at least I will wear them!

I got the idea of creating a kind of "Horcrux" from reading the last two books of Harry Potter.
In the book a Horcrux is a Magical object...like a locket. You place a piece of your sole in side the object...only a piece!!!! Then as long as the object stays intact (and hidden) your sole will live forever. A Horcrux does not have to be a pendant or locket, but one was used in the book giving me the idea to make my new items...they have a kind of Gothic Ghostly feel to them.
I took these photos when my kids were little...so these are a few years old, and made a sand which print out of them. Placed them in pendants and rings ( objects like in the book) .....I like them...hopefully you will to!