Anyone who knows me well knows my fetish for anything with cameras and photography. Also people know  how much I love etsy. So please take a peek at these four etsy sites, the holidays are right around the corner and you will be truly spreading some etsy love!
NUMBER 1 is from: The Medium Control Design Co
Kristy + Tommy have a lot of really neat designs on there site  I'm also loving the coasters
 The bag and the coasters are probably my favorite, but they have a lot to look at, defiantly need to check them out!!
NUMBER 2  from craftyFOLK Sarah Golden makes the cutest little brooches, necklaces ...her etsy is so very fun to look at.. ThePolaroid Wood Brooch my favorite!
NUMBER 3 is from grigio The Paparazzi Camera ring is very cool, but  Rossana has a lot of neat jewelry, lot's to look at! I already added three of her rings as a favorite!
NUMBER 4  is from SWEET TREATS I just adore Clara's FELT CAMERA CASE, it is so darn cute! Check out her other items as well, they are really "SWEET" I so want the camera for Christmas ( hint, hint!)
thank you Kristy,Sarah,Rossana and Clara for sharing your very cool items with me! :)