I find the older I get the more I here my self say how much little time I feel I have or just simple how time seems to fly by. I am still in denial that it is September, but here it is already the 9th. I hate the feeling of "limited time" and am conflicted with how slow my etsy is and how much I have to "mass produce" in a quick and timely fashion for my next up coming art shows. I am excited about the Ferndale DIY, Sept 18 & 19 http://diystreetfair.com/marketplace/  And Saline Harvest of the Arts http://www.salinedma.org/hoa/
but holy cow...just need a little more time! Here are a few things that I am excited to have for both shows, but have not had the opportunity yet to place on my etsy. Ok...off to make more things!
 polaroid photo coasters,polaroid pendants,