Usually, Valentine's day is pretty much about my kids. Coordinating the class party's, decorating their Valentine boxes, filling out Valentine's Day cards and lot's of candy. It was all kid oriented  when they would come home from school as well. Our Mid-Winter break for school always falls around the 14th of February, so we would have a little American Girl Valentine Parties for my daughter and her friends or special cake and a movie night for the boys... you name it!  This year our two oldest are away at school and our youngest actually was away as well. ( school function) This would be the first time in a while that my husband and I would have A Valentine's Day to ourselves. I knew right away I wanted to make a nice dinner, but I also thought that this would be a neat opportunity to use photos once again as decorations. When it comes to photos I am always trying to think outside the box and love using them when ever I can! So with out going overboard because I did cook, I dressed up our dinning room table for our romantic dinner for two. First, I took photos that my friend Melany Hallgren took of my husband and I over the summer.Using photoshop I turned them all in to black and white photos, lightened the exposure and added text. After printing and cutting them out, I  placed them in little frogs that you can purchase at your local craft store and spreed them out on our dinning room table.
I also had these cute rubber ducks that I really wanted to use in a bowl of water, I thought it would be adorable to have them floating but I learned quickly that rubber ducks don't float!!!
No problem, I found the solution right away.  I placed my ducks on top of a plate  and then put the plate in the water. Now with my ducks and photos all in a row I added a few extra touches ( glitter and hearts of course) and ta da a cute little table ready for dinner.
This is a great idea for any party, you can really add more to your table if you would like ( this was low key) Awesome for weddings and baby-showers!!!!  I can totally see placing copies of the ultrasound in frogs and doing something really cute with that, or...have the bride and groom's engagement photos placed in them,    how darn cute would that be! Next time I think I will add glitter to the actual photos. :)