I have been so busy that I have not had the opportunity to share New York images not related to Macy's. For the longest time, I wanted to visit New York. Even though I am sure most people we encountered were tourists themselves, for the most part, everyone was gracious, kind, and hospitable. There were things about New York that were amazing and at the same time it's so crowded and in places dirty ...the dirty parts were a bummer. This first batch was in and around Time Square. I have to say I was most excited to see Time Square when I first arrived, but it ended up being my least favorite spot. Too many characters in Time Square for my taste ( especially Elmo running after me to give me a hug lol!)  It's funny how you invision one thing being your favorite before a trip and something else takes the place of that instead. For me I thought it would be Time Square but Central Park was a definite favorite. I am a huge Alice In Wonderland fan so the statue was on the list of things I had hoped to see. I could have spent all day, two days walking around Central Park. Everywhere you turned there was a little nook or fence a bridge or amazing architecture that was so picturesque. for me, this was total "photog" candy.....I wished for a model to pose for me for the day! ( I did have Emil for a few )