This batch is just a few of the 911 Memorial Museum and Freedom Tower. This was a "heavy morning" It took the bulk of the day to walk the funk I was in afterwards off. If you can go to see this you should! This was a beautiful tribute, so tastefully done. I didn't know what to expect and was overwhelmed with what I saw. For our kids walking around, it was like a history story... like WW2 for us. Some of the kids weren't even born yet. For the parents, it was a different story. It was fresh and felt like a few years ago. It was " I remember where I was when the first plane hit." There was an odd sense of beauty to it all. I started taking photos but just didn't feel right. I posted above one from inside and photographed the rest from the pools outside. ( felt a little better taking those) Then the Freedom Tower in the background....gave you a huge sense of pride. Everyone should go if you can. There is bad in the world and we seem to feel it more because the world is so much smaller now, but I will always have faith in people! Most will do the right thing, most will always lend a hand and the few exceptional people to help.... will run into the fire.