My Last Series "Gypsy love" ( two weeks before the event) was with Model Grace Heslip @palegracee I love working with Grace, she has a vintage 90's Liv Taylor look about her. I knew I wanted her in this collection, she has such a great gypsy vibe. I had A ton of clothing from Virgie  Geroux @virgiegerouxvintage and because of the weather, we shot in studio which I ended up really loving. Even though using my Composer Pro with (double glass optic) does not show all the cool bokeh it does with an outdoor backdrop, it still gives the dreamy effect I love. The lens created a blend of color that spilled into the bottom portion of the image, I love, love the effect! The colors intertwine into one another, you have no defined lines of the outfit, her body or the location. I really felt this was the most" fine art" looking of the collection. I used Exposure X2 presets in edit to give the images an old gypsy painterly, love, love! Lens used: (Composer pro with double glass optic)

The actual night of the opening was great and crowded. I wanted to take some actual pictures with my good camera, but had so many people to talk to. At the end, I was exhausted and settled for the few phone pics that friends and family took for me. I'm really happy for the opportunity to have the opening not only for that actual event but really for forcing me to set time out of my busy life to be creative and photograph the way I I love to!

                                            Lia and Jenna Standing in front of there images