My fifth series was "Dance in Color" with model Jenna Ode @jennaode.model. Jenna is a highly skilled dancer along with being a fantastic model. We worked together in New York and Detroit, so working with her for this series was perfect. We met @Grafitti Alley in Ann Arbor Mi. I have to say this was a tricky shoot, I wanted her to move a lot, but using my Composer Pro, ( with double glass optic), I ended up having her slow down and pose more for a handful of the images so I could focus on her face. I do love the combination of movement and still shots, the location is well known to many artists in the area and is full of color. The light was perfect and crept around the corner a few the name just fit, it all came together so well. My all-time favorite image of the group was the one that was featured in the Lensbaby featured photos of the week  Colored Smoke bombs were placed behind here and colors danced around here. Jenna had this really cool pair of sunglasses on with just a hint of yellow. A vintage fur from Virgie Geroux and tall killer kick-ass boots. I used a small amount of texture and the Poloraid Bleach Bypass Preset from Alien Skin Exposure X2 ...the look was perfect! Lens used: (Composer pro with double glas optic and Nikon 50 mm )