I'm a big believer that capturing a moment is way better than a posed image. If you feel the same then I would love to teach you how to capture better memories of your kids, your family, your hubby, your dog. Lots of people tell me that my camera must be amazing to have the kind of results I do. It's not the camera, it's the person behind the camera. No matter what kind of camera you have I can help you see your world in a new light. If you are excited to take the next step in your photography, then join me for my mini class  # SEEDS Studio Beautiful Images

What you get:
A PDF of info and homework ( that's right homework) You need to learn the basics of your camera and understand "Camera Terminology " This is important ( and doesn't hurt that much!)
A 90-minute hands-on class located at the 100-year-old Howell Opera House in Howell Michigan. Here you will learn how angles are your friend, light makes the world of difference and a whole lot more

Fill out the small questionnaire here: http://www.scottiemagro.com/classes If you have any additional questions you can leave all questions and comments here on the blog or after the questionnaire.