The Rosewood Duffle

In any business, detail and presentation make a huge difference. When I package items up for my clients, every little detail makes a world of difference. Not only do I want my images to be amazing, but the detail of my presentation and the little "extra touches" added make a huge impact. When I came across Muzen Portable Speakers, not only was I in love with the adorable size, the color options, and believe it or not the amazing sound that comes out of the little speakers but the detail and packaging just was the icing on the cake! I am beyond impressed. I knew the item was coming in the mail, but when I opened the box it seriously was like Christmas. Every little amazing detail on top of the quality of the speaker...I already know 10 people who will be receiving these for Christmas!!

One the site Is an assortment of little Speakers, I'm excited because they just added Muzen Jet Black Metal and Crimson Red Metal. But I actually was torn between the Rosewood Duffel and the Mint Green Metal. I picked the Rosewood just because as you can see in the photos, it fits my decor perfectly. Once you open the box you see this adorable bag, in the bag is the Travel Suitcase, more Adorableness!!! But wait...there's more!. Once you open the Travel Suitcase, you see the Rosewood Duffle Speaker wrapped in a beautiful dustcloth. Once you pull the speaker out ( mine came with ) The OTR PU Travel carry case already on it. Now the thing about this little case, it's cute as hell, it has a strap that you can wear like you would a crossbody purse. Once I lifted the dust cover, a black box with all cords, antenna ( for FM) user manual, postcards, stickers, catalog and story behind the speaker. I was so impressed with the packaging, with all the little adorable details. Everything can be stored In the Travel Case and you can take it anywhere!!!

Now for the true test...the sound! I have to say I was skeptical! like seriously Skeptical. Because this thing adorable as it is, it's really small! I plugged it in, let it charge and was so excited to hear how perfect the sound was. It's great for any room. It's perfect for traveling. I love it for shoots, now I have an actual speaker for locations. Perfect for Dorm Rooms ( kids have no room what so ever in a dorm anyway)  I never loved a product so much  ( other than my polaroid cameras!!) It's retro, cute and sounds amazing. I love this one so much my next purchase will be the Mint Green...My whole office is mint green and peach.

Here is the neat thing I get to share with you! If you want to purchase one of these adorable speakers here: use the promo code SCOTTIEMAGRO10 and recieve $10 off your first purchase. Have fun shopping and tell them Scottie sent you :)