Hello to all etsy folk!
First a big thank you to my friend Jill for making the Poster!!

Here is some info for the Maple Days art fair……

First, the art fair will be on Memorial Day! This is because we will have around 10,000 people attending the Memorial Day Parade...... we want to take advantage of the crowd. ( that is how many people attended in the past)

Second, the parade will start at 11:00, we will be ready to sell at least by 9am. Reason for this is because many people come in advance to "camp" out there traditional spots”. Many family members meet in the same spot each year. So they sit for two hours doing nothing...now they will be able to shop our items before the parade.

During the Parade I’m sure people will want to watch…so this is a good opportunity for you guys to eat lunch, watch yourselves. I know this is a “sacred day off for many” But if your family members or friends attend they will have stuff to do, and you will be with them. While you are selling family and friends can go back and fourth…my kids and husband do that all the time!

You will need a tent and a table, that will be your space (standard size art tent think it’s 10x10) If you do not have a tent we can try to help you out, but we many have to share we only may have one extra from the city. You’ll have plenty of room….if you need extra..no problem. You do not have to pay extra and we will help you work out arranging items when you set up. PLEASE PUT ON YOUR VENDOR APP IF YOU NEED A TENT> WE NEED TO KNOW IN ADVANCED!!!! If we can not accommodate a tent for you we will put you in the shade. If you have any kind of umbrella..Anything at all that would work fine. We will try to help but we are limited on tents.

The cost is a non refundable $30... ( $25 for M.I.C.E. and MBS customers) this is to help pay for advertisement. It's non refundable!!!

The dead line for the application will be May 10th 2009. I will be e-mailing all who want to participate one shortly.

You do not need a Tax Id or a Selling Permit. We have been cleared by the city to have this Memorial Day...all you need to do is show up.
We would like 50 or more artist the number if people interested is getting higher and that is a good thing!!! If you know of someone by all means spread the word!

Also if you could put the poster and info on your blogs, myspace, facebook, that would be helpful!!!

Some of you have asked what you should sell...your etsy items!!!
(FAMILY FRIENDLY PLEASE!) If you have nude art… might not be a good idea for that day!

Hope to see many etsy people there!!!!

Scottie Magro